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The View of Karak Highway

The highway was built in the 1970s; originally intended as an alternative route from Gombak to Bentong in Pahang; using the Federal route. The costs of the construction was rather high and tolls were then implemented to help to cover for the costs of the highway. The Karak highway was notoriously known for its many haunting stories, told by the many eyewitnesses who drove on the highway. There were just so many stories which emerged; and so many had been heard. The notorious reputation for which Karak was known seemed to turn it into a fearful area for motorists especially during the night due to the many stories shared by motorists who have experienced some of the hauntings while traveling along the highway.

The highway garnered much attention due to the high number of accidents which took place on the highway, thus giving way to the rumors about the origin of the highway location and also the road being haunted.Neither is this a place in KL, but this just had to be on the list. For the sheer amount of stories, it’s got the record. From pontianaks to djinns, to mysterious VW beetles. There has also been stories of motorcyclists feeling an extra passenger too. There are a lot of rumors why Karak Highway is very haunted. Some people claim that it's because there's a lot of accidents and deaths. Others believe that a certain stretch of Karak Highway was built over an old cemetary or an old plot of land that was already haunted to begin with.

The Tunnel in Karak Highway

The Yellow Creepy Volkswagen


There were reported sightings of a yellow volkswagen on the highway. It could be appearing from nowhere, sometimes no driver was spotted in the car! The yellow car could be driving slowly on the right lane, thus making others try to overtake it. When you overtake it, you would realize that there is no driver in it! Other instances could be the car would try to speed up once it had been overtaken by you and then disappear just like that out of your sight. Most motorists have been warned to not overtake the car or it will keep appearing in front of you like the above stories.


A little boy had been spotted on the highway. He could appear at the side of the road, and seemed like he is looking for something. The next thing you know, he could be appearing next to the car and running along it; even if you are travelling at 110km/h. The boy would be asking the same question over and over again, "Have you seen my mother?" Word has it that the boy and his mother was involved in one of the many accidents that took place on the highway and both were killed. Their bodies could have been thrown into different locations, separating the mother from her son and thus the little boy's restless spirit is constantly looking for his mother.


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